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Welcome to the Kitchen!

This was always my favorite place, growing up. The smells and tastes seem to linger forever in my mind. I'll try to put a few of my favorite recipes, and a few of the "strange" recipes I've found over the years. Additions are always welcomed. After all, the favorite occasions in my kitchen were often "Pot Luck."

Here are a few of my random favorites. Try at least one.

A recipe that I've talked about often, and used for years, is for homemade STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOWS.

These are the most wonderful creations I've ever found!  They are like candy by themselves, or they can be dipped in Chocolate to make Candies, or they can be floated on top of a cup of hot chocolate for a most wonderful memory. Do you get the idea I like Strawberry Marshmallows?

Another fun recipe is for CHERRY CHIP COOKIES made with a cake mix.  They are fast, easy, and delicious. (They go really well with the Strawberry Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate.)

Many years ago, I found a recipe for Chocolate Saurkraut Cake.  It was in the local community newspaper.  I lost that recipe, and lost one of my favorite cakes for years.  I finally began searching the web a few years ago, and found many recipes for a chocolate saurkraut cake, but none was as good as that origional.  I have an old copy of a cookbook entitled:  "Good Meals and How to Prepare Them" published by the company that put out GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Magazine  in 1927.  It was given away with a subscription to the magazine.  It contained Tables for making cookies and cakes and several other things.  In this way, if you wanted to include changes or foods you had available in your recipe, it would show you where to increase flour, or oil, or to leave something out.  It gave you many valuable tips on the differences in types of cakes and cookies.

I was able to use that book to re-create my Chocolate Saurkraut Cake, and came up with a reasonable facimile of the origional.  It is good, anyway, and to date, no one has guessed what was in the cake until I told them.  They guess it might be raisins, or coconut, or something, but if you like Chocolate Cake, moist and rich with the flavor of Chocolate throughout, I think you'll like this one as much as I do.

For those of you who like a nice bowl of hot soup on a chilli Fall or Winter evening, or just a hearty, nutritious simple meal for a Spring or Summer evening,  my Homemade Potato Soup should fill the bill.  A loaf of home-made bread, or a store-bought crusty loaf, and some grated cheese or chopped chives, or onions or sour cream will top it off in a most excellent fashion.  Martha, eat your heart out!  ( I also like chopped, hard-boiled eggs on mine.)   And speaking of EGGS, If you ever need to fix a breakfast for unexpected friends and relatives, or have a "breakfast" or "brunch" dish to take to a party or shower, be sure to take a look at the SCALLOPED EGGS recipe.  It is excellent with Creamed Tomatoes alongside, or as a sauce.


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