The Kitchen



Ron's House
A little place just up the road.

Welcome to my home. Feel free to look around, and visit a while. I'm glad you're here.

Just roam around, and make yourself at home.  There is Music in the library.  Some of my favorite midi files will be there.  And in the library, you'll also find some of my Poetry and a lot of things from my friends, and by my friends, and too my friends.

So many of my friends are gone now, separated by time and distance, or passed on.
I miss them all, terribly.  Family, too.  There will be some pictures here for family and friends.
They probably won't be as "organized" as I would have liked, and as you might have found convenient.
But then, it IS My House, remember.  So just sort through.  Skim the ones that bore you, and make a copy of
the ones you like.

Just don't step on Gretchen.

Some Photo Albums...

I have a few photos installed in albums now. 
However, I've put them at another location.
It was just easier.

Just go to       http://ronharryman.myphotoalbum.com

If you tried the above link before December 14, 2004
You probably know it didn't work.  I had it typed in wrong, of course.
It should be fixed now.

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