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Ron's House
A little place just up the road.

Just me.

This is me at my front porch in Saint Louis in the fall of 2002. 

 The beard was 2 years old on Thanksgiving that year.

 I was a couple of years older.

 I shaved it off in the Winter of 2003-2004. February of 2004, actually. I was depressed, and it kept getting zipped in my coat, and blew into paint jobs I was working on, so it went.

     I miss it.


 I'll put some of my drawings and things on this page, if I can figure it all out.

Santa Claus at work.

Since Christmas is my favorite Season of the year, it might follow that Santa is one of my favorite people. This drawing was done a few years ago for Christmas cards. I can remember helping him with some of the "assembly required" projects when I was younger. Those instructions are never quite accurate. Keep at it, Santa! We have Faith in You!

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This was a snowy lane sketch for another Christmas card. I grew up in places like this... ...or I dreampt I did.

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